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 T. Candiani darbas

Tania Candiani Del Real (Mexico)
"The Invisible Intervened" 400 x 1400 cm, 2007



Agnietė Janušaitė (Lithuania)
"Sterile" 70 x 50 cm, 2007



Brett Alexander (Australia)
"Playing with Dolls" 1000 cm, 2006






Vladas Oržekauskas (Lithuania) "Cosmopolitan: The Lady Without the Unicorn" 70 x 51 cm, 2007

Naglis Rytis Baltušnikas (Lithuania) "Give Me - Take It" 2 x (30 x 40 cm), 2007

Silja Puranen (Finland) "Rose" 217 x 130 cm, 2007

Maia Urstad & Hilde Hauen Johnsen (Norway) "0100101"  1000 x 100 cm  2007



Place: National Museum of M.K. Ciurlionis, M. Zilinskas Art Gallery (Nepriklausomybes sq. 12, Kaunas)
November 30 - March 2

The Biennial initiated a two-stage selection panel which offered new possibilities for considering emerging tendencies.
The first meeting in January 2007 outlined how the selection panel would work and two dates were set for stage one, at the beginning of June and stage two and the end of June.  The first panel included, Janis Jefferies (CV- Professor of Visual Arts, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK), Gerard Williams and Danica Maier, both artists from the UK who had individually exhibited in Kaunas 05 and who are responsible for one  (Unpicked and Dismantled) of the 3 curated exhibitions that TEXTILE 07 will host. The first panel received 328 applications and 64 works were short-listed.  The panel’s conversation and decision making process was recorded and will form part of a longer essay to accompany the final selected  works which the second panel reduced to 34 works. The second panel was chaired by Janis Jefferies (to provide continuity from the first panel), Jay Koh (CV- artist, writer, activist and curator of Textile 09, Germany/Singapore) and Linara Dovydaityte (CV- art historian and curator, Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, LT). More about selection process



Place: National Museum of M.K. Ciurlionis, Kaunas Picture Gallery (K. Donelaicio str.16, Kaunas)
Timeframe: November 30 - March 2
07 – Narrow Examination follows the model of TEXTILE 05 exhibition (2005) by focusing on art work from a geographical territory. It will profile art work from Brazil, South Africa and the United Kingdom. Four curators join the creative process for T07. These are curators, Fernando Marques Penteado (CV) from Brazil, Fiona Kirkwood (CV) from South Africa, and curatorial team Danica Maier (CV) and Gerard Williams (CV) from the United Kingdom.

Curator Fernando Marques Penteado  presents 13 Brazilian artists in a collection Sheer and Shallow.
Curator Fiona Kirkwood presents 11 African artists in a collection Skin to Skin  
Curators Danica Maier 
and Gerard Williams present 10 British artists in a collection Unpicked and Dismantled.

Artist Christine Ellison aka Polly Fibre from the UK selection presents a performance Craftwork X: iPolly Shuffle
Place: B.O. club (Muitines str. 9, Kaunas)
Timframe: December 1, 2007 at 10 pm (Entry with Invitation cards)


Place: Gallery of the Guild of Textile Artists (Valan�?iaus g.  21, Kaunas)
Timeframe: November 28 – December 5
T07 – Young Examination presents Under-Graduate and Post-Graduate students' artworks from the 6 countries and different Academies of Art: exhibition Application.