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Jay Koh is an artist, curator and scholar. He was born in Singapore and since 1999 has been a German citizen. He has in his career of 17 years in the field of art, created projects and shown his installations, videos, performances, given lectures and had his writings published, all in all in more than 36 countries, mostly in Asia and Europe. He is currently based in South East Asia, directing his longest project of 9 years, an art and cultural programme (NICA – Networking + Initiatives for Culture and the Arts) in Yangon. From 1992 - 99, he ran the space ”arting” in Cologne where he in 1995 initiated and established the international organisation for cross-cultural projects, IFIMA - International Forum for InterMedia Arts, now based in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.


Jay takes on multifaceted roles in order to negotiate with social-political structures on site and conceives of appropriate actions in response to each site. These actions emerge from an artistic practice that can range from creating art works, curating and organising exhibitions, seminars, workshops and learning programmes; community capacity-building, advocacy, writing, publishing, to other necessary activities. From 2001-6, Jay has been working with Chu Chu Yuan in developing models of critical engagements with publics and communities.


He have taken on short teaching roles in MFA classes in Tempere Polytechnic, Tempere and Academy of Fine Art, Helsinki in Finalnd, National College of Art and Design, Dublin and Galway Media Institute of Technology, Galway, West Ireland. Conducting workshops in Singapore Art Museum and other places.


Some of his activities in 2006 were be conducting the workshops and presentations:

The Multifaceted Curator in Jakartha and Bandung organised by ASEF and Goethe Institute with participants from Asean+3 and EU. http://www.goethe.de/ins/id/prj/mfc/enindex.htm

Articulating the Art Encounter: Art Criticism and Writing Workshop in the Singapore Art Museum

Visiting Artist Lecture Series of the University California San Diego

Collaborating with Arts Council of Mongolia to set up a resource development programme for culture and the arts in Ulanbatoor. He begins his doctoral studies with the Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki and is the first and only foreign doctoral candidate of the programme.


In 2007, he will take on the position of Assoc. Director for Open Research Practice with CityArts, Dublin and will initiate an intercultural project with the immigrant and Irish communities in Dublin.

For details in CV and organisations, please see


Some of his Present positions:

Director of International Forum of InterMedia Art – www.ifima.net

Director of Networking + Initiatives for Culture and the Arts - http://www.artstreammyanmar.net/cultural/nica/nica.htm

Assoc. Director for Open Research Practice of CityArts, Dublin – www.cityarts.ie

Adviser to ArtHub, Hong Kong - http://arthub.org.cn/

Adviser to Blue Sun Art Space, Ulaanbaatar - http://bluesun.mn/

Adviser for Asia to O+I - Organisation and Imagination, London formally known as APG - Artist Placement Group

Adviser to freeDimensional - http://www.freedimensional.org/

Adviser to the resource development programme organized by RYLLEGA, Hanoi and The Infinity Group, Hue

Core committe of Intra Asia Network – www.intraasianetwork.org



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