“Cherry Kino” Saltaire Super 8 film programme in Kaunas Biennial

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“Cherry Kino” is a film organisation based in Bradford ir Leeds (UK) aims to expose more people to the wonders and magic of cinema. “Cherry Kino” curator’s Martha Juksaitis Super 8 film programme, originally prepared for show at Saltaire – UNESCO World Heritage village in the Bradford region of West Yorkshire, comes to Kaunas! Let’s meet September the 5th, in ex cinema house „Kanklės“ (Laisvės ave 36) at 6 p.m..

Saltaire in the 1800s was built by Titus Salt, a philanthropic businessman whose ‘model village’ raised living and working standards for workers in the textile mills. The name of the town comes from Titus’ surname, Salt, and the name of the river that runs through it, the river Aire. Titus made countless very secret experiments with alpaca wool, a material which was considered rough and virtually unusable by everyone in the trade, and he managed to transform it, through his knowledge of spinning and a bit of innovation and improvisation, into a wonderful textile which made him his immense fortune.

In some ways, Super8 can be seen as similar to alpaca – overlooked by many as obsolete or unusable, but with a bit of patience and experimentation it reveals itself to be a magical material capable of fantastic textures and light reflections, the mini cine format that can be woven into countless patterns, spinning endless tales and abstractions.Film and textiles share many traits – in fact, some early film projectors were modelled after sewing machines!

Film programme has three parts, titled To the Streets, Elemental, Alchemy.

Artists: Maximilian Le Cain / Ireland, Viktoria Schmid / Austria, Arturo Almanza / Colombia, Matoula Eolou Gekko / Greece, Robert Harris / USA, Alberto Cabrera Bernal / Spain, Dagie Brundert / Germany, Jon Perez / USA, Elina Street / UK, Egidijus Praspaliauskas & Rasa Juskeviciute / Lithuania, Dan Hildred / UK, Pere Ginard & Laura Ginès / Spain, Matt Sutcliffe / UK, Albert Alcoz / Spain, Nathan Cyprys / Canada, Marta Daeuble / France, Ian Helliwell / UK, Stephanie Wuertz / USA, Janis Crystal Lipzin / USA, Elsy Benitez / UK & USA, Rosie Parsons / UK, Dagie Brundert / Germany.

Duration: 1 hour 20 min.

Programme curator: Martha Jurksaitis

Coordinator: Laura Garbštienė  


Hotel La Mirage – dir. Maximilian Le Cain / Ireland & Greece / 2010 / 5 mins

A melancholy vision of cinema-as-mirage. ‘Hotel La Mirage’ simultaneously weaves and unravels a romantic reverie across the ruin of space and time.

Radl (Bike) – dir. Viktoria Schmid / Austria / 3 mins 19 secs

The bikeride to my darkroom captured with my Super8 camera. After riding the bike I developed the film by myself. My love for bikeriding and filmmaking coming together in these 3 minutes.

Red Road – dir. Arturo Almanza / Colombia / 2005 / 3 mins

‘Red Road’ is an experimental film made with negative Super 8 vision 2 (ASA 500) developed as cross process, which gives a positive with a violent red shift. The development is handmade and made by Kinolab Colombia.

This is a test reel – dir. Matoula Eolou Gekko / Greece / 2010 / 3 mins

On the 8th of April I went out in the main streets of Athens to test a new Super8 camera. I asked random strangers to hold captions I had prepared, therefore making their short portraits and transforming a small Super8 reel into a collective project. This was my own way of reacting to the fear and disappointment that had been created due to ‘the crisis’ that had just been announced in Greece. Super8 was the dream medium, the one that was in opposition to the TV, to the flux, and that allowed a space for encounters, just for a reel’s time.

In the Streets – dir. Robert Harris / USA / 2009 / 5 mins 40 secs

4th of July passions in Chinatown and Little Italy, NYC 1975.

Every Four Frames (Cada cuatro fotogramas) – dir. Alberto Cabrera Bernal / Spain / 2009 / 1 min

A film constructed from destruction with the piercing or perforation of its footage, the different fragments of selected archive images. Every four frames the film’s body is punctured, the holes revealing the cinematographic mechanism’s entrails: the screen and light.


The Palm Tree Song Line – dir. Dagie Brundert / Germany / 2008 / 1 min 50 secs

Los Angeles and its palm trees. They are singable!

You Can Never Hurt Me – dir. Jon Perez / USA / 3 mins 30 secs

Like film, the canopies of trees are surfaces ravaged by light breaking through the cracks. Shot while continuously spinning on a single piece of Ektachrome, the film relieves the viewer from the representational aspect of photographing a forest. The trees persist in attracting our imaginations, creating a new vision for new eyes.

Untitled – dir. Elina Street / UK / 2011 / 2 mins 40 secs

My first Super8 film, which I recently completed. My film aims to be interpreted freely, themes may be: the representation of women in film, the mystery of the cameraman, the conscious and unconscious…

LOVE – dirs. Egidijus Praspaliauskas & Rasa Juškevičiūtė / Lithuania / 2002 / 3 mins 30 secs

Our Motto: let’s develop film under a tree ‘Love’ is a DEDICATION FOR A Dream Come True, A Heart Full Of Love, A Hug A Day Keeps The Meanies Away, A Love Story, A Piece Of My Heart, A Time or Love, All You Need Is Love, Addicted To Love, As Long As A Bunny Has A Tail, My Love For You Will Never Fail, Bit By The Love Bug, Boy Meets Girl, Bucket Of Kisses, Can’t Buy Me Love, Can’t Take My Eyes, Off Of You, Circle Of Love Is Never Ending, First Love, First Impressions, For All Eternity, From My Heart, Gimme A Kiss…

Canción última – dir. Dan Hildred / UK / 2010 / 3 mins 30 secs

‘Canción última’ is a very short tribute to the Spanish ‘goatherd poet’ Miguel Hernandez, shot on the centenary of his birth in his native Almeria, and features a reading by the Basque video artist Marta Luque. The film explores themes of decay and abandonment in the landscape.

Song Before Dying (Canción del antes de morir) – dirs. Pere Ginard & Laura Ginès / Spain / 2011 / 4 mins

A film about ghosts (or fools or mimes or butterflies) inspired by the mystique of St. John of the Cross. Performed with joy by Laboratorium.

Fishquay – Matt Sutcliffe / UK / 2011 / 4 mins 53 secs

´I must go down to the sea again´

Loosely based around two poems, ´Two Lighthouses´ by Julia Darling and ´Sea Fever´ by John Masefield, I originally shot my first super 8 film as an accompaniment to a piece of dance choreography. Using samples and rhythm´s from the North Sheilds Fish Quay as a base for the soundtrack, I tried to capture it´s contrasting atmospheres through both sound and colour. The outdated medium of super 8 seemed an appropriate choice when filming the Fishermans declining trade.

Preludio (Prelude) – Albert Alcoz / Spain / 2010 / 3 mins 20 secs

‘Preludio’ is a filmation of a landscape with a building during one evening. Using time lapse options, shutter speed solutions and different exposures, the film transforms one simple framing of the camera in many possible moving image solutions. Some organic changes done in front of the camera allow different representations of the people in the park, the walls of the building, the trees and the sky, the main elements of this minimalistic film.

Untitled [2] – dir. Nathan Cyprys / Canada / 2009 / 3 mins

This diptych Super8 film loop explores the singularity of two people’s relationship as well as the duality of the individual when disconnected from the other. The water each is submerged in plays between the comfort of its all encompassing warmth and the discomfort of its suffocation and the subjects’ nakedness. The actions performed by both subjects in this piece reflect a form of meditation where the subject’s counterpart is sorrowfully both remembered and forgotten. They are disconnected from each other in the framing and placement of the images, yet it is evident that both are in the same location. Their actions remain simple, creating a universality for this piece to be understood.


Monster – dir. Marta Daeuble / France / 2004 / 40 secs

Stop motion animation, pixellation technique, painting on paper. I aim to break the storyline in different levels of time, working outside the fixed cinema screen.

Colour Stream – dir. Ian Helliwell / UK / 2002 / 4 mins 45 secs

Flowing lights and colours are the focus of this abstract film shot with Super8 through a close-up lens. Homemade electronics provide the rhythmic soundtrack.

Magic Kingdom – dir. Stephanie Wuertz / USA / 3 mins 11 secs

Waves of neon unleash a sea of pastel visions drifting through the Magic Kingdom.

De Luce 1: Vegetare – dir. Janis Crystal Lipzin / USA / 2009 / 5 mins

This work delves deeply into experiments, expanding the realism of colour expression that original film allows. ‘De Luce’ extends beyond the Kodak palette of colour, by subjecting the film material to unique influences of pigmentation. Unfamiliar colour and light sweep into and literally illuminate vegetative subjects to supply visible evidence of a surreptitious conspiracy between the artist, her materials, and photochemical occurrences. This is an artisanal hand-made work shot entirely on Super8 film and hand-processed by the filmmaker.

Love Language – dir. Elsy Benitez / UK & USA / 2010 / 3 mins 20 secs

Solar Eyes – dir. Rosie Parsons / UK / 2011 / 2 mins 34 secs

An adventure in memory haunting the future.

Nightlight – dir. Dagie Brundert / Germany / 2009 / 2 mins 22 secs

Berlin lights in time-speed-machine; the gelatin layer of the film stained red.


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