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Dr. Virginija Vitkienė





2008 Doctoral degree in Humanities (Art Studies), Vytautas Magnus University. Kaunas, Lithuania.  (PhD Diploma VD No. 000183) Title: The Eloquence of Materiality in the Lithuanian Contemporary Art.

2004 Art History and Criticism,Vytautas Magnus University, Faculty of Arts. Kaunas, Lithuania. Master degree (Diploma M. No. 002139). Title: Cloth in Contemporary Art.
2002 Art History and Criticism, Vytautas Magnus University, Faculty of Arts. Kaunas, Lithuania. Batchelor degree (Diploma B No. 001493).



  • Since 2012 Head of Arts Center at Vytautas Magnus University;
  • Since  2007 Chief Executive and curator of Kaunas Biennial, an international festival of contemporary art (;
  • 2007 – 2010 Member of the Expert Jury of the Culture Ministry of Lithuanian Republic (distribution of State Grants to artists and cultural producers).
  • Since 2006 Executive Director of Kaunas Artists’ Support Fund
  • Since 2004 Lecturer of art history and theory disciplines at Kaunas Art faculty of Vilnius Art Academy and Vytautas Magnus University, Art Faculty. Disciplines: (1) Strategies of Curatorship; (2) Boundaries of Graphic Art in the Context of Postmodernism, (3) Conceptualism and the Development of Graphic Art; (4) History of Textile Art and Conceptual Use of the Material in Contemporary Art, (5) Methodology of research writing (guidance of MA thesis); (6) Transformations of the Applied Arts;
  • Since 2004 curator of international exhibitions and projects in cooperation with National Museum od M.K.Ciurlionis, gallery “Meno parkas”, Lithuanian Artists’ Association, Vytautas Magnus University.
  • Since 2001 an art critic publishing articles in the culture press and catalogues in Lithuania and abroad.



Cultural theories; modern and post-modern / post-wall culture and art; post-colonialism theory and art; contemporary art in post-soviet countries; feminist art; contemporary graphic art; contemporary textile art and textile as media of conceptually orientated art; civil society and art forms to engage people for creative forms of acting in publics.  




2010 – 2012 Chief Executive and curator of the 8th international Kaunas Biennial TEXTILE 11: REWIND – PLAY – FORWARD (22 09 2011 – 04 12 2011 program in Kaunas; 2012 Program in European countries: Estonia, Denmark, Portugal). Supported by EU program Culture 2007-2013. 400 participants artists from 53 countries, 22 exhibitions, 6 unique dance performances showed 43 times, 7 workshops, video reports, TV broadcasts, 16th international ETN (European Textile Network) conference, 3 excursions, etc.

2009 Chief Executive of Kaunas Biennial TEXTILE 09 (1st October – 30th November, 2009). National M. K. Čiurlionis Museum: M. Žilinskas Art Gallery and Kaunas Picture Gallery. Project included 30 residency programmes, 9 satellite exhibitions and rich educational programme. 120 artists from 20 countries participated in all exhibitions, 60 volunteers helped with realisation of artworks in situ and in education events. More than 30 000 visitors participated in more than 90 events during two months (most visited exhibition in Kaunas during past 20 years). My activities consisted of fund raising, coordination of artists’ activities and volunteers’ involvement, editing of catalogue, guided tours, educational involvement (discussion, debates, public talks), administration, website ( administration.

2008 – 2011 Coordinator of the international project „Sensitization on interdependencies between North and South: a challenge for the mobilization of European citizens in favor of development“. Project lies on partnership activities uniting participants from 5 European countries and 5 third world countries in actualization of human rights activities and interdependence between South and North hemispheres people in terms of economics, globalization, ecology, and migration. Project involves participation of youth in the seminars-trainings in Paris (France) and implementation of the local events in home countries: exhibitions, public art projects, conferences, etc.

2008 Curator of the exhibition Contemporary Lithuanian Textile (24th-26th June, 2008). European Parliament, Brussels / Belgium.

2008 Curator of the part of National program of the EU project EUROPEAN YEAR OF INTERCULTURAL DIALOGUE 2008. Project RedLine: Where are the Borders? Two exhibitions and discussions trough April – June, 2008 in gallery „Meno parkas“ (Kaunas, Lithuania) and „Ideas Emergentes“ (Porto, Portugal).

2007 – 2008 Executive Director of the sixth international textile exhibition Kaunas Art Biennial Textile07 (30th of November, 2007 – 2nd of March, 2008). National M. K.Čiurlionis Museum M. Žilinskas Gallery. 150 participants artists in main programmes and satellite exhibitions. International jury panel and curators from Brazil, South Africa, USA and UK.

2006 Curator of the international exhibition ULTIMA RATIO. Gallery “Meno parkas”, Kaunas (15th of December, 2006  – 30th of January, 2007). Editor of catalogue. 60 participant artists.

2006 Curator of the International Watercolour exhibition Baltic Bridges. National Museum of M. K. Čiurlionis: M. Žilinskas Gallery (15th November – 30 December, 2006).  Editor of catalogue. 50 participant artists.

2005 Organizer of the fifth international textile exhibition Kaunas Art Biennial Textile05. National M.K.Ciurlionis Museum M. Žilinskas Gallery (21st of October – 4th of December, 2005). Editor of exhibition’ catalogue. 250 participant artists, curators from USA, Finland, Japan.

2005 Curator of the exhibition Textile Body . D. Rostworowski gallery, Krakow (Poland) (18th of November – 18th of December, 2005). 

2005 Curator of exhibition New Lithuanian Textile.  Riga’s National Applied and Decorative Art Museum, Latvia (7th of October – 20th of November, 2005). 

Co-curator of exhibitions:
2005 Lithuanian textile exhibition “Junge Textilekunst aus Litauen” in Berlin (11th of June – 24th of July, 2005, Körnerpark gallery). Editor of exhibition’ catalogue.
Lithuanian Art exhibition. IUFM University Culture Center, France (26th of September -20th of October, 2005).
2004 – 2008 Co-curator of the project Art Line (with gallery Mano parkas). More than 30 exhibitions in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Germany, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy where organized.



2012 Merit Award “Merit Crystal” of Kaunas City Municipality

2011 Art and Culture Premium of Kaunas City Municipality

2006-2007 State Scholarship for organizing Kaunas Art Biennial Textile07

2004 Grant of the Centre for Lithuanian Diaspora Studies



  1. Aistringoji Lietuvos tekstilė / Passionate Textile of Lithuania. Kaunas: Tekstilininkų ir dailininkų gildija, 2009, Number of pages – 84. Editor and author of 5 articles in the pages: 16-18; 24-26; 56;79-83.
  2. Kauno bienalė TEXTILE 09. Kaunas: Kauno dailininkų paramos fondas, 2009, psl. sk.142.
  3. Kauno meno bienalė TEXTILE 07 / Kaunas Art Biennial TEXTILE 07. Kaunas: Kauno dailininkų paramos fondas, 2007, Number of pages – 290. Co-editors V. Geluniene, E. Carroll.
  4. Touches: Robertas Antinis, Lina Jonikė, Agnė Jonkutė. Kaunas: Galerija „Meno parkas“, 2007.
  5. Kauno meno bienalė TEXTILE 05 / Kaunas Art Biennial TEXTILE 05. Kaunas: LDS Kauno skyrius, 2005. Number of pages – 289. Co-editor V. Geluniene.
  6. Baltijos tiltai: Tarptautinė akvarelės paroda. Catalogue. Kaunas: LDS Kauno skyrius,  2006.
  7. Ultima Ratio: tarptautinis projektas „Menas šiandien“. Catalogue. Kaunas: Galerija „Meno parkas“, 2006. Number of pages – 120.
  8. Naujoji Lietuvos tekstilė: tarptautinis projektas „Menas šiandien“. Catalogue. Kaunas: Galerija „Meno parkas“, 2005.



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  1. Seminar „Photographic Image in Textile“. Organisers: Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design. Theme: „Kaunas Biennial: Triple View Towards Textiles and Weaving in this Context”. Tallinn: 10th February, 2012.
  2. Conference-seminar „MY THERITORY: Female Space in Art“. Organiser: Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts and Lithuanian section of AICA. Vilnius: 11th November, 2011. Theme „Moteriškieji diskursai Kauno bienalėje arba vyriškomis taisyklėmis žongliruojant“ (Female Discourses at Kaunas Biennial or Playing according to Male Rules).
  3. The 14th European Textile Networking (ETN) Conference on 14-17th of September, 2007. London Metropolitan University / Constance Howard Centre at Goldsmiths College. Theme: V. Vitkienė. “Kaunas Art Biennial TEXTILE: coming presentation”. 
  4. International science conference “Art and Politics: Case-Studies from Eastern Europe ” 
    Date: 26th – 27th of October, 2006. Organizer: Art Institute of Vytautas Magnus University. Theme: Virginija Vitkienė. Eliminated Man: Shifts of Identity in Post Soviet Lithuanian Art. 
  5. Third national science conference on themes of aesthetics and art: “Interaction of Problematic Philosophy’  Fields in Art and Aesthetics. Date: 20th of May, 2006 Organizer:  Culture, Philosophy and Arts Research Institute. Theme: Virginija Vitkienė „Slips of the Theory of Conceptual Art: Post-modern Context”  
  6. International conference „Forms of Contemporary Art in Textile”. Organiser: Norwegian Textile Guild. Place: Nacional museum of M. K.Ciurlionis.. Timeframe: 6th of May, 2006 Theme: Virginija Vitkienė „Strategies of Kaunas Art Biennial and Trends of Contemporary Lithuanian Textile”.

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