Portuguese Textile and Contemporary Art Exhibition

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REWIND: Portuguese Textile and Contemporary Art Exhibition

Portugal has a long tradition in Textiles, booth in craft and industry. In the last decades has been restructuring its industrial textile sector, by interconnecting industry hand-made crafts and design. Due to its constant use and because textiles have been understood merely as a “product to wear” often we look at textiles without a critical and aesthetic perspective.

In this context, Kaunas Biennial TEXTILE could be a forum for debate between artists, designers and the public, and could create an opportunity for the effective renewal of the concept of “textile” opening a new via for Portuguese textile art.

For this exhibition, Lúcia David – curator and artist participating in the show – selected six artists, with a varied range of works and backgrounds that explore textile in different ways and from diverse angles. Originally working as fashion designers, illustrators, painters or sculptors, these artists took up textiles as means of expression, assembling art, history and culture.

The artworks of this group show, were selected in close connection with the 8th international Kaunas Biennial TEXTILE 11: REWIND-PLAY-FORWARD concept, were textile appears as the base for the construction of the artworks, it´s concept, iconographic reference and/or material used. A wide range of skills are present: Lúcia David (book artist, with fashion design background); Márcia Luças (painter), João Vaz de Carvalho (illustrator, painter), Lilia Catarina (sculptor); Jorge Ramos (painter, with fashion design background), Conceição Rios (Textile Designer) and Alexandra Ministro (textile painter and fashion designer).




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