Kivi, Signe

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Interview with artist starts on 7 min: 4 s

When I had just become the minister and opened the door of Estonian Ministry of Culture for the first time, I was struck by a red stair runner there. The carpet reminded me of corridors of power from the Soviet era. I have never loved pseudo-Byzantine glory, but the reason why red carpets are considered magic, raised my deepest interest. When it was decided at the ministry that these worn runners will be replaced with new ones, I decided to ask the old ones for myself. Memories and emotions of three and a half year experience of work in the Cabinet were an impulse to the series of “Carpets of Power”. To think who must have walked up and down these runners in the past…

Carpets “Elect Me!” and “Business Card” feature pain and glory of being political insider from the most personal perspective. Everyone must have got used to seeing vast posters with smiling tomorrow’s deciders before elections. Each time promises are more enticing and faces more photo(shop)genic than last time. I have had to face my face on an election poster … many times. I admit it is not pleasant even though the pictures have gained in quality and beauty. It is still appalling to see my tuned self in the city and in media. NB! Each candidate wears a certain number and this number is also written on the election slip. This gave me an idea to supply the “Elect me!” portrait with strategic measurements – bust, waist and hips. These measures speak of a person much more than a random number on a slip and this way the elector will also know what kind of a woman Signe Kivi really is!

Carpet “Business Card” was born following an emotion which I meet more often than not: “Oh! You are THE REDHEAD!” Well, and this is the reason why the business card has my own hair.

I don’t know why but going into politics “labels” a person. You become someone at whom people take out their anger. You become voluntary doormat. This is why my mats are exhibited on the floor, but the long tuned stair runner takes higher. The way our dreams do. The project is dedicated to my previous and future colleagues – ministers of culture.




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