Schwarz, Tilleke

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The Netherlands


Hand embroidery with all kind of threads on linen.


All my works are part of a continuing story, a personal reflection on modern life. Inspiration comes from daily life, mass media and from the sampler tradition. I include anything that moves, amazes or intrigues me. This results in a subtle comment on our modern society. “Real life is often more strange than fantasy”.

Purr Chase 2009

The title “Purr chase” is constructed of purring, purchasing and chasing. Purchasing (shopping) seems to be the most popular leisure activity, since people do not visit church so often. My husband complained that I hardly include cars. Of course, I immediately depicted his sports car. A new washing machine was included and warnings in Tate Modern about the explicit nature of some exposed art.

Free Recovery 2010

Included are memories of a trip to the UK, for instance of Mr. Bola’s daily messages. Mr. Bola sent us a message to kindly inform about the precise time we were invited to enjoy breakfast in his cosy B & B. The breakfast room was too small to accommodate all guests so he made detailed schedules every day. I never was informed about Mr. Bola’s first name, so I called him Tom. As I enjoyed the combination with Bola (referring to tombola).

Always 2007

Security is an important issue in our modern society. It is interfering with our way of living and forces us to behave crazier than ever. A few examples! On the right side of the work is a copy of the security zones to protect a meeting of the G8 top around the village of Heiligendamm in Germany. And a few quotes from the National Phone Book of Iceland. It contains amazing information on how to behave during natural disasters (storms, avalanches, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes). Of course I enjoyed playing with the sequence of this information.


WYSIWYG is an abbreviation of ‘What you see is what you get’. My Turkish silk threads were not very suitable for stitching. So I couched them on this work like a waterfall with flowers at the bottom. My favourite details are the text: “It is so nice to do an art project” and the lovely stamp from Austria. And of course there is a cat included.

Play with me 2006

The Serbian text (top right) was found on the door of my Belgrade hotel. It lists everything that belongs to that hotel room. For instance: 4 curtains, 2 sheets , 2 blankets, 1 pillow, 1 pillow-slip, 1 toilet brush, 1 garbage basket etc. I had never seen that before.

Fisk 2010

Fisk is Danish for fish. Fisk sounds a lot more powerful. The big fish has swallowed a pink peacock. The sneaky prehistoric Veliciraptor threatens the Dodo*) with “I’ll see what I can do, :) ” . That text is from an email by Mr. X Stitch (a blogger on textiles). Mr. X Stitch let me know that he is absolutely thrilled to be quoted in this fishy piece. Top left is a complaint from a visitor about the wards talking too loud at an exhibition in London. Strange world!




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