Wang, Kyung –ae

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South Corea

ORIGINAL FORM. 2008. Various fabrics, sewing. Installation

When I suffered extreme hardships in my life, my needlework enabled me to regain stability and gave me a chance to meditate on my life and myself. While I was sewing, which required all my attentiveness, I kept asking the ultimate reasons of my pain, agony, anxiety, and despair.

Now my husband in heaven, but he has been sick for 20 years because of combination illness of diabetes. While he struggled against to disease his was atrophied, not only physically but also mentally. To try to understand this circumstance, I read psychology and psychoanalysis books. Every time when I felt exhausted in this situation I would run away to my studio. And always the fabric cured and protected me softly. The time I make my work always purifies all the pressure and conflict. Through all the experience I wrote PhD thesis “Women psychology is immanent in quilting”.

As the time of sewing became my meditating hours, my consciousness travelled from my superficial self to the in-depth, unconsciousness where I could meet my archetypes writhing and floundering. I was healed as I embraced and accepted my archetypes that were unrecognizable in my daily perception, but had controlled me with powerful energy.

The work of archetypes is created though the journey to my unconsciousness. I try to reveal ‘archetypes,’ the energy of desire hidden in unconsciousness of human-mind, as primal images of nature with my artwork. They uncover the flow of circulation within the universe that repeats creation and destruction, lucidity and obscurity.


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