Žaltauskaitė Grašienė, Monika

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BREATH. 2010. Cotton, polyester, computerised Jacquard weaving. Installation. 2 x (300 x 300 cm). Implemented in JSC “Audėjas”

My story started when my son was born in 2007. I spent long time in hospital and then I was walking in corridors … it was the time of continuous waiting. Then I started to think how to stop this most important moment in our lives and make pictures about childbirth. Six families agreed to participate in my project. The photographs of the new born babies are woven in a computer jacquard technique. I find it important and significant to record the most essential moment in a person’s life. Watching their birth, I realised how different and special each of them is, coming to this world with their own stories. Movements, expressions, sounds and sensations are unique. They initiate a person’s life journey. And the story.



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