Likšaitė, Inga

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Lithuania / Germany


WOMAN REMAKE. 2011. Embroidery, installation for choreography

When invited together with choreographers to take part in a collaborative program PLAY, my attention was drawn towards a notion of movement as such, and the perception of it as a trace or shape of time. I see it as an origami of time, which might be folded, and when refolded in a different way, a new content might be obtained (reference to Deleuze). Substance is changing when remade many times, but new patterns evolve.

For the installation, which is going to work as a stage for the dance performance, my earlier produced works, fragments from collaborative material are cut, copied, duplicated, reset or remade once more in another media. This way comes a new geometry, another structure or pattern. Every object used has a prototype or may be a prototype in future works. This kind of time pattern is generated, where details of used artworks form its particles.

The aspect of rewinding I found as an interesting creative tool. When works from the past are reproduced in another dimension, the example of bakers’ transformation may be tuned: kneading of a dough (bending, and rebending) improves its quality by getting fresh air inside – it becomes more fluffy, softer and lighter.

The process of creative practice is declared as the object of creativity. Thus the art pieces work here as the agents to visualize the time. Complexion of creative forming is turned over on all sides, with a look inside, turning inside out and back, it might be begun anew and reconstructed, might be seen from a distance or getting closer. I operate creative processing as a rolling ball, I take the old story and keep reshaping.

The objects used speak about the past, present and what they may appear in the future; using them in this way, I draw the curve in perception of time, action and relation between their parts.






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