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Kaunas Biennial exhibition REWIND HISTORY (curator dr. Rasa Andriušytė-Žukienė) was presented at Panevėžys City Art gallery from 15 12 2011 till 15 01 2012.

The exhibition REWIND HISTORY questions the understanding of textile as a genre of reproduction that has been formed in art history. Curator Rasa Andriušytė-Žukienė was invited for a difficult challenge, which was to organize an exhibition, the technological decision (works made with a computerized Jacquard loom) and theme (historical perspective) of which had already been dictated by the biennial’s organizers. She highlighted the aspect of reproduction (which is inseparable from both the history of tapestry in Western Europe from the 17th century to the 20th century and Jacquard weaving technology) as the foundation of creative interpretations at the exhibition. She asked textile artists that are currently active what Lithuanian artists and works have had an impact on their creative decisions, or are simply remarkable or had become visual icons. She selected a collection from the works mentioned by the artists, which then became a subjective (textile) Lithuanian art history of the 20th and 21st century. At the exhibition will see works interpreted through textile from Liudas Truikys, Viktoras Petravičius, Rimvidas Jankauskas-Kampas, Marija Teresė Rožanskaitė, Igoris Piekuras, Kazimiera Zimblytė, Sofija Veiverytė, Albertas Veščiūnas, Jonas Mekas, Eglė Velaniškytė, Aušra Andziulytė, Vilmantas Marcinkevičius, Šarūnas Sauka, Laura Garbštienė,  Aleksas Andriuškevičius,  Audronė Petrašiūnaitė, Pranas Griušys, and Jonas Gasiūnas, whose painting strokes, video scenes or grooves are trapped in knots of thread.


Upcoming presentations abroad:
08 02 2012 – 08 04 2012 Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design
01 09 2012 – 14 10 2012 Palácio dos Duques, Guimaraes / Portugal.


Catalogue (p. 22-64)


 ALCHEMIJA: pabėgimas nuo tekstilės


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