Other parts of the FORWARD program were closely tied to the next generation of artists. First of all, there were creative workshops that analyzed the future of art and textile in the fields of hi-tech, smart textiles and interdisciplinary experiments. Creative workshops, open to young artists, art and technology studentstook place at the beginning of October when the wave of opening events of the biennial tapered off.

Rachel Wingfield and Mathias Gmachl (London, U.K.) led the ArchiLace creative workshops, where objects were designed for spacious public spaces in the city that are brought to life on textile-binding principles, absorbing light during the day, and give it off at night.

Estonian Art Academy Ph.D. student Kärt Ojavee (Estonia), who is carrying out research in the field of smart textiles, led a week-long creative workshop for a wide, non-professional auditorium, where was possible to work with moving clothing details or interactive accessories.

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The four-member British group Sampler-cultureclash led a two-day live sound and textile creative workshop and had a DJ performance (led by David Littler).



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    I am in the Master of Social Work program and I am ineestrted in attending a Zotero Workshop, unfortunately I am not able to attend the workshop because we have lecture during the hours of the workshop. If I can gather enough people from my cohort can we have a workshop for the MSW students, because the workshops is always schedule during our lecture time or during our intership hours. If this is not an option will there be a Zotero workshop offered during the summer break.

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