Lithuanian art collection presented at CONTEXTILE 2014

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Lithuanian contempporary art collection THE SHROUD OF… was presented at the opening of CONEXTILE biennial (2nd edition) in Guimaraes / Portugal. Beside other invited countries’ (Estonia and Spain) exhibitions and competitive show THE SHROUD OF… will be on view at Casa Da Memoria from 27th of July till 11th of October, 2014

 The Shroud of… 

As one of the oldest techniques in human culture, textiles have many functions – clothe, decorate, adorn, cover, wrap, protect – all of which are in some way connected to the human form. While the relationship between textiles and the body has been an important aspect in traditional as well as contemporary textile making, the limitations and definitions of this relationship have been questioned, stretched and translated by contemporary artists. This exhibition entitled The Shroud of… reflects both – material and transcendental origin of an art piece. With a notional link towards the Shroud of Turin the exhibition suggests a way of comprehending these works as simulacrum of reality, as objects which cover the truth inside or sacral metamorphosis of personal experience, longing, and philosophy into the material, cloth, fabric that covers, but is naked itself at the very moment of visual contact with the viewer. 

In recent decades Lithuanian textile has been going through some exciting transitions: it has lost its grandeur and monumental status and become more conceptual, representational and respondent to the human form. The exhibition shows the many and varied ways in which contemporary artists are reinterpreting the function and form of textiles as well as the key role played by textiles in the development of an abstract visual language. The featured works reflect issues of materiality and function as well as challenging our perceptions of contemporary textile. Ranging from large-scale wall hangings to delicate textile objects and video animations extended to contemporary dance performances the artists push the limits of material and structure, function and disfunction.


Virginija Vitkienė, Neringa Stoškutė

Participating artists:

Ernesta Dikinytė, Severija Inčirauskaitė – Kriaunevičienė, Lina Jonikė, Aušra Kleizaitė, Inga Likšaitė, Laima Oržekauskienė, Loreta Švaikauskienė, Renata Vinckevičiūtė, Monika Žaltauskaitė – Grašienė.


Project supported by:

Lithuanian Council for Culture

Kaunas City Municipality


After the success of the Contextile’s 1st edition, during Guimarães — European Capital of Culture, in 2012, the team of Ideias Emergentes | CONTEXTILE decided to assure the event continuity and move forward to the 2nd edition — CONTEXTILE 2014 – CONTEMPORARY TEXTIL ART BIENNIAL — that takes place from the July 26 to the October 11 at Guimarães city (Portugal).

CONTEXTILE’s first aim is the reflection on the importance of contemporary textile art in its diverse forms of expression and artistic representations and on its role as instrument of interaction and cooperation between territories, people, communities, economies, cultures, societies, sectorial and international networks.

This 2nd edition centers CONTEXTILE’S 1st mission: to provide visibility to textile art and, in a narrow connection with the textile tradition territories, to promote the interaction between artists, creators, industry, community and the city of Guimarães, as a contribution to the strengthening of the economy through innovation’s promotion, creativity and the regional and national textile identity appreciation.

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