8th Kaunas Biennial was finally closed on 23rd December, 2011

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•    Kaunas Biennial TEXTILE’11: REWIND – PLAY – FORWARD was most visited edition since its establishment in 1997. About 50 000 visitors had opportunity to visit 22 exhibitions in about 10 galleries and public spaces of Kaunas City.
•    Together with Fluxus exhibition participants (220), Biennial presented 400 artists from 53 countries! We are more than happy that about 250 artists came for opening week to Kaunas and made our city breath internationally.
•    Program PLAY enriched viewers by 43 performances, which were led by choreographers from 5 European countries.
•    First time in Biennial’s history the special curated collection of Jacquard viewed art pieces was commissioned and 19 unique large-size pieces created at textile factories in Lithuania and Sweden. The collection is travelling to Estonia and Portugal in 2012, led by special contemporary dance introduction, prepared by the dancers of Kaunas Dance Theatre Aura.
•    16th European Textile Network conference gathered 150 visitors from more than 25 countries to have meetings, 3 excursions through Lithuanian cities, and 4 workshops during 10 days period in September.
•    Beside these events Biennial implemented several public art events – Hemispheres: Daily Bread and Friendly Zone #3, based on international and local solidarity and social awareness.
•    Three open to public workshops were held in October, which let participants go into knowledge of smart textile and architectural point of view in textile structures, as well as interrelations between music / sound / sampler and textile / patters / sampler.
•    Kaunas Cinema Studio made documentary about Kaunas Biennial.
•    National TV broadcast Alchemy prepared 30 min report about Biennial.
•    More than 5 special TV reports were prepared at National TV.
•    Kaunas Biennial Board members, laureate artists and curators were Awarded by Kaunas Mayor by special medal of Kaunas City Burmister Vileišis.
•    Chief Executive of Kaunas Biennial was awarded an Art and Culture Premium of Kaunas City, also she was granted a Crystal of Merit for merits to Kaunas City.
•    Biennial lasted 93 days instead of 73 because of the special interest of visitors.


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