Rewind into the Future


The exhibition REWIND INTO THE FUTURE is curated by Sarah E. Braddock Clarke, whose cumulative collection is an exhibition of an experimental nature, where efforts are made to reveal the newest scientific achievements in the fields of high-tech and smart textile. Though at the beginning there was an open invitation for submitting applications for a selection of works in this field, the necessary format was only met by artists that were specially invited by the curator, as the displayed objects of this exhibition are the product of cooperation between artists and scientists that is based on academic scientific research of a rather narrow interdisciplinary nature. Curator Sarah E. Braddock Clarke (art critic, writer and publication compiler) invited artist-researchers Jane Harris (UK), Ainsley Hillard (UK), Barbara Layne and Janis Jefferies (Canada and UK), Nancy Tilbury (U.K.), and Christy Matson (U.S.) to show their hi-tech works. Experimental textile works and costumes made at laboratories and universities in Canada, the U.K. and the Netherlands along with still-ongoing scientific experiments will be presented not only at the exhibition, but during a discussion that will be held during the opening week that will along with artists feature Clive van Heerden, Senior Director of Design-Led Innovation at Philips design, who is head of the Probes program, the essence of which is the initiation of textile research for the distant future that would influence the quality and way of life.

Interview with Barbara Layne and Janis Jefferies in this video starts on 14 min: 56 s