is organized since 1997. In 2015 Kaunas Biennial will celebrate its 10th edition. Biennial will take place through 18th September – 30th December at the National Museum of M. K. Čiurlionis and in public, [post]industrial spaces. 

Organizer: NGO Kaunas Biennial,
Artistic Director: Virginija Vitkienė (CV) 
Board members: prof. Laima Oržekauskienė (Chief), prof. Rasa Andriušytė-Žukienė, assoc.prof. Loreta Švaikauskienė, dr. Virginija Vitkienė, assoc.prof.Monika Žaltauskaitė-Grašienė.

We seek to make Kaunas biennial the significant event for contemporary art in Kaunas, Lithuania and Europe, which reflects analytically the art processes currently taking place all over the world, by bringing up the priorities of creative collaboration and openness in the processes of art creation and its perception.

 Kaunas Biennial is a platform and a real opportunity for

- artists’ debates and the realisation of innovative ideas,

- collaboration among artists and visitors,

- the enhancement of the sense of community through creative activities,

- interdisciplinary artistic and academic practices,

- international and intercontinental partnerships and

- the creation of a discursive textile culture.


Every event of the biennial is created from scratch, i.e. by changing the structure, the conditions of participation, the character of exhibitions, the conception, also by involving [new] partners, curators, artists and people working in different areas of culture for a common purpose: communication through the expression of art and creative processes.


The Purposes of the Kaunas Biennial:

- To encourage the dynamics of contemporary art in Kaunas, its region and on the international level by organising international, group and personal exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad, publishing art reviews, publications, and catalogues; 

- Through educational programmes and collaboration projects to create a discursive environment and ensure maximum access to culture for various age and interest groups in Kaunas.


  • Juli Gudehus

    Replied on: 09-24-2013, 9:42

    Guys, I can’t find the opening hours anywhere. Which would be lovely as I would like to visit the Biennal before I leave Kaunas around noon …

    • Biennial info

      Replied on: 09-24-2013, 11:21

      Thanks, Juli, for your reasoned remark. We’ve just added the link of the Map with venues and galleries’ info to download as PDF file. You can get it from the Programme page (at its bottom) or right here: http://www.bienale.lt/2013/en/programme/attachment/biennial_map_en/
      Hope you won’t lose the opportunity to visit our rich exhibitions. Have a good day!

  • Tatiana Ferahian

    Replied on: 07-22-2013, 20:54

    Please add me to your mailing list. Thank you.

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