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Kaunas Biennial presents: first Lithuanian interactive art platform “ART CART”

Kaunas Biennial presents a completely new, virtual project “Art-cart”, which is designed not only for art buyers but also for those who would like to know more about contemporary art.

It is the only interactive arts-based website in the Baltic region that functions as a platform for artists to display and sell their work. The main aim of “Art-cart” is to create a platform for sales and expansion of information that is attractive, user-friendly, dynamic and meets expectations of contemporary consumers. Art-cart is designed for creative business development and art administration in broad sectors of society, seeking to expand the art market in Eastern Europe (especially the Baltic region) and internationally as well as increase information spread about emerging artists.

Today, the industrial wave of culture and creation have adapted to large communication networks. That, which today is increasingly referred to as the creative industries, which “Art-cart” is a part of, have focused on synthesis between creativity and entrepreneurship, ensuring more rapid economic developments and social demand for originality and creativity.

According to “Art-cart” project manager Ana Čižauskienė, “there are several uses of the website. Today, a variety of internet products and services have an impact on creative businesses, habits of consuming and recognising art. In order to be recognized and to participate in the art market you have to be visible in the virtual environment as well. In addition, similar websites are a convenient platform to expand your circle of admirers abroad as well as to become more visible in the international art field and to find contacts for collaborations.”

 “We have focused our attention on emerging artists as well as conceptual design products. Art-cart is only beginning to exist but with time, we hope, to pursue the development of this website, we have ambitions for the future to not only exist in the virtual environment, but also to take part in art fairs”, says Ana.

The art director of Kaunas Biennial Virginija Vitkienė welcomes this new virtual project. “Before taking on this challenge we explored local and international art sales platforms and websites to find niche opportunities. In our view, the virtual art platform Art-cart has many advantages of being unique in the context.”

ART-CART invites artists and contemporary art lovers to register online at http://www.art-cart.eu/


*  in addition to visual works of art, the website also offers to purchase unique items of innovative design and craft;

* the interactive management of the website content allows the artists to create their own profile and accounts as well as to set prices for their art works;

* participating artists selling their works online are not subject to being institutionalised (“attached” financially or have other obligations as they would with a gallery). 


* Free registration, the commission of the website is only 30%.

* Art-cart cares not only about selling but also about attractive and interactive content.

* Art-cart takes care of its world-wide marketing and presentation (Russia, West Europe, USA).

* The main page of the website is always updated with new information, comments and reviews provided by art critics.

* Art-cart is responsible for all the communication with art buyers.

* Fast and convenient payment for the sold artworks.


More information at: www.art-cart.eu

If you have questions, please write: info@art-cart.eu


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