Know, learn and create with Kaunas Biennial

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Know, learn and create with Kaunas Biennial

Kaunas Biennial continues an educational program for pupils, which has been such a great success in 2013, and this fall has introduced creative lessons for Lithuanian pupils.

Through October 20 – December 5, 2014 the pupils of Kaunas city and county schools were presented with a creative class, “Physical properties of materials”, which was designed for 5-6 graders. Students had the opportunity to observe, touch and reflect on the work of art, and with the help of it gain the knowledge of the concepts of Natural Sciences in a non-traditional way, and exercise their creativity. 

During the lesson “Physical properties of materials” 5-6 graders were introduced to the textile installation “Cast off” by artist R. Vinckevičiūtė. The piece was exhibited in Kaunas Art Biennial, 2013, in the frame of Emerging Artists’ program. By studying the meaning of the artwork, technique, and artistic solutions the students learned about the concept of the physical properties of materials, and specific properties of certain materials. The connecting link, which was creative exercise, was the source of the greatest pleasure in all schools. Students were given the task to use materials of different qualities and design a real size piece of clothing that reflects a certain mood.

Creative lesson, presented by artist Aušra Sedlevičiūtė, artist Renata Vinckevičiūtė, and educator Vėjūnė, was introduced to the pupils of 9 Kaunas city and Kaunas county schools, as well as to a wider audience in Janina Monkutė-Marks Gallery, Kėdainiai, Kaunas Picture Gallery exhibition “The Shroud Of Time”. An additional lesson was presented in LITEXPO exposition center, at the fair “School 2014”.

We would like to thank the pupils and teachers of Kaunas B. Brazdžionio multi-functional center, Gedimino sports and wellness school, Šv. Mato gymnasium, KTU Vaižganto pro-gymnasium, Kaunas district Vandžiogalos gymnasium, Ugnės Karvelis gymnasium, Lukšiai district V. Grybo gymnasium, Išlaužo secondary school as well as the children, teachers and parents, who attended Kaunas and Kėdainiai galleries, and Vilnius exposition center LITEXPO for their amazing creations and great time together.




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