Ignas Maldžiūnas

Ignas Maldžiūnas. WORK’FUN Site Specific installation in [post] factory Dirbtinis Pluoštas

For a number of years now I have been hunting for objects created and abandoned by man on different continents. In them I find not the presence of man, but the past – instead of one moment I try to grasp a whole sequence of actions, their history – when and why these buildings were abandoned, what happened here, who visited them, what moments people who stayed here shared with each other…

Walking around these immense factories alone at night I see a film rolling in front of my eyes – a sort of documentary, half of it imagined by me. The biggest challenge, it seems, is to connect these different worlds in one shot. When shooting the most emotionally affective locations in complete darkness I light them with coloured flash. This makes the works seem tragicomic.

For Kaunas Biennial I will not only combine documentary with my own vision, but I will also present the result in an actual space – Dirbtinis pluoštas factory – in a temporary museum. Inside the factory premises, with its offices from the Soviet era, I will exhibit works from places where workers used to rest and relax.

The photographs on display are not portraits, although the presence of humans and their impact on the environment is very important in my works. This exhibition mediates between time and space, although it is only in one dimension.

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