Atidarymas / The opening, 2013 09 13
NAGLIS BALTUŠNIKAS (Lietuva / Lithuania)
79.99. Mozaika / Mosaic Nuotraukos autorė / Photography: Kristina Čyžiūtė
CHUN HUA DONG (Kinija, Kanada / China, Canada)
Dvigubas / The Double. Performansas / Performance Nuotraukos autorė / Photography: Kristina Čyžiūtė
PATRICIA PICCININI (Australija / Australia)
Ilgai lauktas / The Long Awaited. Nuotraukos autorė / Photography: Kristina Čyžiūtė
PATRICIA PICCININI (Australija / Australia)
Kviestoji menininkė / Invited artist Nuotraukos autorė / Photography: Kristina Čyžiūtė
Biologijos pamoka / Biology class Nuotraukos autorė / Photography: Kristina Čyžiūtė
AUDRIUS JANUŠONIS (Lietuva / Lithuania)
Molis, glazūra, porcelianas / Clay, enamel, porcelain Nuotraukos autorė / Photography: Karolina Černevičienė
SILVIA GIAMBRONE (Italija / Italy)
Anatominis teatras / Anathomical Theatre Nuotraukos autorė / Photography: Kristina Čyžiūtė
AUGUSTINAS KLUODA (Lietuva / Lithuania)
Kauno Bienalės UNITEKSTAS Jaunųjų menininkų programa Nuotraukos autorė / Photography: Kristina Čyžiūtė
NERINGA KISIELIELĖ (Lietuva / Lithuania)
Atstumtieji / Rejected Nuotraukos autorė / Photography: Kristina Čyžiūtė
PATRICIA PICCININI (Australija / Australia)
Ilgai lauktas / The Long Awaited. Silikonas, oda, plaukai. Mišri technika / Silicone, leather, human hair. Mixed media Nuotraukos autorė / Photography: Kristina Čyžiūtė
PATRICIA PICCININI (Australija / Australia)
Nuotraukos autorė / Photography: Kristina Čyžiūtė
MAIA RUBIANE (Brazilija / Brazil)
Performansų serija „Spalvų tetralogija“ / Performance series “Color’s Tetralogy“ Nuotraukos autorė / Photography: Kristina Čyžiūtė
BORIS OICHERMAN (Izraelis / Israel)
Tyrinėjimas vaikščiojant / Study for a Walk. Metalizuotas poliesteris / Metallized polyester Nuotraukos autorė / Photography: Kristina Čyžiūtė
TAMAR NISSIM (Izraelis / Israel)
SVEČIAS / THE GUEST. Performansas / Performance Nuotraukos autorė / Photography: Kristina Čyžiūtė
JŪRATĖ JARULYTĖ (Lietuva / Lithuania)
Konkursinė paroda / Cemptetitive exhibition Nuotraukos autorė / Photography: Kristina Čyžiūtė
LINAS BLAŽIŪNAS (Lietuva / Lithuania)
Mėnesiena pelėdų akyse / Moonlight in the Owls’ Eyes, 2013 Akrilas, organinis stiklas / Acrylic, organic glass Nuotraukos autorė / Photography: Kristina Čyžiūtė
Kauno bienalės UNITEKSTAS ir Kauno fotoklubo foto konkursas 2013 11 05 - 2013 11 19

NICOLAS BOURRIAUD – a curator of anniversary Kaunas Biennial

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virginija_vitkiene_nicolas_bourriaud_at_his_director_office Kaunas Bienial Board is glad to announce Nicolas Bourriaud as a curator of 10th Kaunas Biennial, which will take place through September – December, 2015 in Kaunas (Lithuania).

Nicolas Bourriaud, born in 1965, is the Director of the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-arts de Paris since December 2011. Before heading the Studies Department at The Ministry of Culture in France, he was Gulbenkian Curator for Contemporary Art at Tate Britain in London (2007/ 2010) and advisor for the Victor Pinchuk Foundation in Kiev. He also founded and codirected the Palais de Tokyo, Paris, between 1999 and 2006.

As a curator, he recently organised Estratos in Murcia (2008), Altermodern at Tate Britain, London (2009) and The Great Acceleration (Taipei Biennial 2014).He published well known and broadly discussed theoretical essays, including Relational Aesthetics (1998), Postproduction (2002) and Radicant (2009). Read more


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dsc_0459_0 THE SHROUD OF TIME – Lithuanian contemporary textile art exhibition was opened at Kaunas Picture Gallery this Friday (14th November, 2014). The exhibition offers a view of contemporary culture in two overlapping dimensions: materiality (as warps) and the flow of time (as wefts). The shroud, if we are to think along the metaphorical lines of the Shroud of Turin, marks culture, heritage, customs, habits and beliefs. From a material perspective it plays an integral part in its tactile relationship to our body: enveloping, wrapping, protecting, concealing, bandaging or simply being there. In these categories time is the connecting, experiential and site-specific link. Thus, in this Lithuanian textile collection the metaphor of the shroud of time surfaces as a reflection of life and history through tactile, readily available mediums, such as textiles, lace, needlework, thread and clothing. The title of the exhibition was determined by observation of Lithuanian artists’ practice over the last three years, which has shown that the meanings of the works are influenced by textile tools or their symbolic values. Read more

Lithuanian art collection presented at CONTEXTILE 2014

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Lithuanian contempporary art collection THE SHROUD OF… was presented at the opening of CONEXTILE biennial (2nd edition) in Guimaraes / Portugal. Beside other invited countries’ (Estonia and Spain) exhibitions and competitive show THE SHROUD OF… will be on view at Casa Da Memoria from 27th of July till 11th of October, 2014

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Le Carreau du Temple From 24th to 28th April together with my colleague Ana Čižauskienė we participated in an international seminar “Young Creation Companionship” held in Paris. The meeting place was quite extraordinary: artists and cultural sector workers (event producers and artist managers) from eight European countries (France, Germany, Hungary, Croatia, Sweden, Lithuania, Spain and Greece) were invited to the opening of a brand new cultural centre Le Carreau du Temple, which has received endless publicity. The French certainly realise what public spaces are and should be as well as their, as community members, right to them: there were queues throughout the whole weekend with people hoping to get a glimpse inside the new cultural centre. The new multifunctional building, which will be administered by Mezzanine Spectacles organisation, has more than 6,000 square meters of space with theatre and dance studios as well as a sports hall, a recording studio, spaces for workshops, cafes, a concert hall and a black box for theatre productions. The institution is partly supported by the municipality of the city of Paris and partly by projects and leasing of premises for concerts and theatre events. This model of partial support has become commonplace in most European cultural institutions. Since it’s opening in May 2014 Le Carreau du Temple will exist as an incubator for interdisciplinary initiatives by young European artists as well as a platform for international projects. Read more

Art-Cart – participant in LOGIN Lithuanian internet awards

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file_441 Until March 25th we invite you to vote for Kaunas biennial virtual project Art-Cart in Lithuanian internet awards LOGIN. The website is nominated in two categories – Start of the year and Electronic store of the year. You can give your vote to our project HERE.

Art-Cart is Announcing an Exclusive Competition

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1655700_490657684377647_1052227628_o Virtual contemporary art platform Art-Cart is announcing an exclusive competition, where any artist registered at Art-Cart website can participate in the competition. All artists, who have registered on the website and have uploaded their works for sale, have a chance to win an invitation to hold a personal exhibition at the Kaunas Picture Gallery (address: 16 K. Donelaičio street, Kaunas) that is part of the National M K. Čiurlionis Museum. The competition is open to all artists, designers, individuals and groups. Read more


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Dear all,

Special thank you to all of you who were with us during the 9th international Kaunas Biennial “UNITEXT”. To this great event, which gathered thousands of people, we have to say one more time BIG THANK YOU to our great artists, big Biennial team, VOLUNTEERS and of course, official sponsors of Kaunas Biennial. We can sincerely say that without you, we wouldn’t have had such a big and successful event.

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The Contextile team invites all artists to participate in the competitive international exhibition which assigns a Acquisition Prize. 

International Exhibition Submit until February 23rd, 2014

After the recognized success of the 1st edition in 2012, we are organizing the Contextile 2014 – Contemporary Textile Art Biennial, from July 26 to October 11 2014, in Guimaraes / Portugal,  maintaining the same philosophical and artistic array: putting textiles in another context, contemporary art.

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Kaunas Biennial presents: first Lithuanian interactive art platform “ART CART”

Kaunas Biennial presents a completely new, virtual project “Art-cart”, which is designed not only for art buyers but also for those who would like to know more about contemporary art.

It is the only interactive arts-based website in the Baltic region that functions as a platform for artists to display and sell their work. The main aim of “Art-cart” is to create a platform for sales and expansion of information that is attractive, user-friendly, dynamic and meets expectations of contemporary consumers. Art-cart is designed for creative business development and art administration in broad sectors of society, seeking to expand the art market in Eastern Europe (especially the Baltic region) and internationally as well as increase information spread about emerging artists.

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This Tuesday (29th October, 2013) at VMU gallery 101 (Laisvės al. 53, Kaunas) a seminar on contemporary curatorship will be held.


16:00 – 16:45 Lora Gablier / Paris. Lecture: The Ecole du MAGASIN: International Curatorial Training Program. 

17:00 – 17:45 Nataša Ilić / Zagreb, Berlin. Lecture: The Past is Never Dead. It’s Not Even Past. 

“The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” This famous statement by writer William Faulkner resonates so cunningly with contemporary sense of the past that it already entered popular culture. Read more