LAB852 (Croatia) PRESENTS

LAB852 at Kaunas Biennial 

When creating a concept and programme for upcoming NETWORKED ENCOUNTERS project Kaunas Biennial invited Croatian organisation LAB852 to be a partner in the project. Curators Karmen Krasić Kožul and Danijela Oberhofer Tonković who usually work with music festivals and events gladly accepted invitation and challenge to collaborate with visual art event. LAB852 presents an exhibition Agora or An Artistic Assembly (artistic director Elisabeth Schimana (AT) in Kaunas at the [post]industrial textile venue factory Drobė this year, because the common programme will follow [post]industrial changes and challenges in Croatia in 2016. LAB852 contributes also to Artist Residency programme with two participants and provides participation of well-known music trio CHUI (Toni Starešinić, Vojkan Jocić, Janko Novoselić) for collaboration with Psilicone Theatre (Auksė Petrulienė, Darius Petrulis) in live performance, implemented in Kaunas this year and in Zagreb next year. 

Programme co-financed by Austrian Embassy in Lithuania

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