Curator of 11th Kaunas Biennial announced

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Paulina_Pukyte3©Anton_LukoszeviezeWe are proud to announce a curator of 11th Kaunas Biennial Paulina Pukyte! Biennial will be held in autumn 2017.

Paulina Pukyte is an artist, writer, essayist, and cultural commentator. She lives and works in London and Vilnius. She holds a postgrad from the Vilnius Academy of Art, and a Master’s degree from the Royal College of Art in London. In 2001- 2003 and 2006 she was a guest lecturer at the Vilnius Academy of Art Kaunas Art Institute. She writes for the cultural weekly 7 meno dienos (7 Days of Art), and contributes to other publications in Lithuania; she has received Lithuanian Ministry of Culture award for her articles. She has published a collection of essays Netikras zuikis (Fake Rabbit), two fiction books: Jų papročiai (Their Habits), and Bedalis ir labdarys (A Loser And A Do-gooder), and a play Žuvies akys (Fish Eyes). A theatre production of Bedalis ir labdarys premiered at the Vilnius Small Theatre in November 2015. Extracts from this tragicomic book of dialogues and monologues are included in the anthology of Best European Fiction 2016, published by Dalkey Archive Press. In her visual art practice Paulina Pukyte uses site-specific installations, moving image, and found artefacts, twisting familiar meanings, subverting stereotypes, and questioning accustomed truths, always remaining in artistic opposition to the dominant or institutional discourse. More about curator

In her proposed concept for 11th Kaunas Biennial Paulina Pukyte invites artists and citizens to reflect the notion of monument and its relation to person, community, city. Concept of 11th Kaunas Biennial


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