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Kaunas Biennial presents: first Lithuanian interactive art platform “ART CART”

Kaunas Biennial presents a completely new, virtual project “Art-cart”, which is designed not only for art buyers but also for those who would like to know more about contemporary art.

It is the only interactive arts-based website in the Baltic region that functions as a platform for artists to display and sell their work. The main aim of “Art-cart” is to create a platform for sales and expansion of information that is attractive, user-friendly, dynamic and meets expectations of contemporary consumers. Art-cart is designed for creative business development and art administration in broad sectors of society, seeking to expand the art market in Eastern Europe (especially the Baltic region) and internationally as well as increase information spread about emerging artists.

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This Tuesday (29th October, 2013) at VMU gallery 101 (Laisvės al. 53, Kaunas) a seminar on contemporary curatorship will be held.


16:00 – 16:45 Lora Gablier / Paris. Lecture: The Ecole du MAGASIN: International Curatorial Training Program. 

17:00 – 17:45 Nataša Ilić / Zagreb, Berlin. Lecture: The Past is Never Dead. It’s Not Even Past. 

“The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” This famous statement by writer William Faulkner resonates so cunningly with contemporary sense of the past that it already entered popular culture. Read more


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Vytautas Viržbickas personal exhibition in Grenoble

On 12th October 2013 – 4th January 2014, Kaunas Biennial will present a personal exhibition “How Do I Tell You a Story You Already Know? You Don’t” by an emerging artist Vytautas Viržbickas. It will be exhibited in Le Magasin, National Centre of Contemporary Art (Grenoble, France).  This project is a continuation of Kaunas Biennial Emerging Artists’ Projects far beyond the borders of Kaunas and Lithuania.


The exhibition, with its mysterious title, of Vytautas is created from various sculptures, objects, and other things. In these compositions with their individual objects, (they are constructed, whittled, founded, sewed, broken, and glued by the author) a mythical story is being told.

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Kaunas Biennial UNITEXT Announces the Competitive Exhibition Laureats

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9th Kaunas Biennial UNITEXT with its Emerging Artists’ projects gathered artists from all over the world to exhibit their works of art which would speak themselves.

This totally new word, which was formulated by the Biennial’s board, consists of two parts – UNI (universal) and TEXT. Art is a universal language, as a way for communication and understanding. Therefore, a work of art is capable to communicate with the audience without text. The work itself is already a text.

Since the call for applications 447 applications were received from 65 different countries, and 22 final projects were selected and now were judged once more by international jury committee.

The jury announced two winners of the Main Prize who will have their personal exhibitions during the 10th anniversary Kaunas Biennial in 2015: Italian artist Silvia Giambrone and Lithuanian artist Audrius Janušonis. Read more


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2013, September 13th (Friday) 

4:00 pm Karina Bisch (FR) LE TÉMOIN (The Witness). Presented by:  Le MAGASIN - Centre National d’Art Contemporain de Grenoble in cooperation with Vytautas Magnus University’s Art Gallery 101.  
Venue: VMU Art Gallery 101 (Laisvės al. 53-101, LT-44309 Kaunas).
Exhibition lasts: 13 09 2013–11 10 2013




Venue: M. Žilinskas Art Gallery of National Art Museum of M. K. Čiurlionis (Nepriklausomybės a. 12, LT-44311 Kaunas). Exhibition lasts: 13 09 2013 – 05 01 2014
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945057_10200600394086311_1944184652_n_0 What: Šančiai Friendly Zone
Where: Juozapavičiaus Ave, Šančiai, Kaunas Lithuania
When: 24 until 27 June, 2013

A project that seeks to engage ‘small’ culture and the resilience of local communities.

In June 24-26, 2013 in a district of Kaunas, called Lower Šančiai, in, Juozapavičiaus Avenue, close to the site of former cinema “Taika” an inflatable white house with the words “Friendly Zone” on the top of it will emerge.

“Friendly Zone” will become a temporary Lower Šančiai museum. Here local people will show and tell about what they treasure and what they consider to be a real jewel of this place. This place will become a public space that will host talks, discussions, performances and friendly tea drinking.

“Friendly Zone” is an international, two year-long cultural and artistic project “City (Re)Searches: Experiences of Publicness”. The goal of the project – to draw attention to the culture of marginal urban communities, to determine community and cultural dissemination and accessibility problems, to re-evaluate functions of cultural institutions, to pay attention to the intangible and non-proprietary culture of these communities in Lithuania, Ireland, Northern Ireland and the Netherlands.

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Exhibitions by Laima Oržekauskienė and Lina Jonikė in Kyoto

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Personal exhibitions by Laima Oržekauskienė and Lina Jonikė. Exhibitions take place through 27th April – 9th May, 2013 at the most famous textile and fibre art gallery in Kyoto – GalleryGallery (director – Keiko Kawashima). During 30 years this gallery became hottest point of the contemporary textile for exhibiting, meeting, discussing, curating and inventing new ideas. First time Lithuanian artists are shown in GalleryGallery since its establishment. It was great pleasure to meet great artists form almost all parts of Japan at the opening of exhibition. Artists from Australia and USA were also present at the opening on opening night.  Many of them participated at Kaunas Biennial during last decade and came to welcome artists personally. Mrs. Momoko Kojima (secretary at the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania) came with the greetings from Embassy. Read more

UNITEXT exhibitions and participants

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We thank sincerely all artists who participated at the submission and negotiation process for 9th Kaunas Biennial UNITEXT exhibitions and thus made great input into generalization and conceptualization of the new term “unitext”. During past months we received 447 applications from artists representing 65 countries!
The exhibition will be held in Kaunas / Lithuania at the galleries of biennial partner -  National Museum of M. K. Čiurlionis during the period 13 09 2013 – 31 12 2013.

Kaunas Biennial UNITEXT structure:

- Invited artists’ exhibitions: Patricia Piccinini (Australia), Gao Yuan (Taiwan), Monika Žaltauskaitė-Grašienė and Bronė Neverdauskienė (in collaboration with Ignas Kazakevičius, Lithuania).

- Competitive exhibition: Ai ITO / Japan, Marija Marcelionytė / Lithuania, Audrius Janušonis / Lithuania, Boris Oicherman / Israel, Chun Hua Dong  / China – Canada, Craig Fisher / United Kingdom,  Judit Hettema / Netherlands,  Dana Sederowsky / Sweden,  Harri de Ville (Sabrina Inkeri Harri and Alexia de Ville de Goyet) / Finland – Belgium,  Horia Boboia / USA,  Jūratė Jarulytė / Lithuania,  LIAO, Chi-Yu / Taiwan,  Rubiane Maia / Brazil,  Silvia Giambone / Italy,  Vidmina Stasiulytė / Lithuania,  Violeta Laužonytė / Lithuania,  Naglis Baltušnikas / Lithuania,  Kristina Sereikaitė / Lithuania,  Sadik Kwaish Alfraji / Iraq – Netherlands;  FILM category: Tamar Nissim / Israel, Victoria Marchenkova  / Russia, Wei Liu / China, Danny Winkler / United Kingdom.

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EU conference European Audiences: 2020 and Beyond

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Virginija Vitkienė, artistic director of Kaunas Biennial, will present the last edition of biennial TEXTILE’11: REWIND-PLAY-FORWARD at the European Commission conference EUROPEAN AUDIENCES: 2020 AND BEYOND, which will be held in Brussels on 16-17th October, 2012. Kaunas biennial will be presented among successful examples on the topic of audience development.

More about conference:

The European Commission is holding a conference on 16-17 October in Brussels which will provide inspirational examples of audience development by cultural organisations and foster European exchange of practice on audience development strategies. Read more